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The best cold email subject line doesn't exist, here's why?

Best cold email subject lines don’t exist simply because every market is unique and it keeps changing. In this blog, we share how you can test your way to the best subject line.

How to use spintax in your B2B cold email subject lines?

Spintax helps you in adding variance to your email copy and boosts your email deliverability. In this blog, we learn how you can use spintax in your cold email subject lines.

How to use personalized subject lines in B2B cold emails?

Personalized subject lines boost your cold email open rate by more than 30%. With higher opens you will have more meetings booked and ultimately more revenue. Learn how to personalize your cold email subject lines in this article.

5 best subject lines that still work for cold emails in 2024.

In this article we look at 5 ideas for cold email subject lines that will work the best in 2024 for your outbound campaigns. The blog also outlines how sending cold email is quite difficult in 2024 and why subject lines are important.

How to write cold email subject lines to get 70%+ opens?

Cold email open rates are plummeting and subject lines are a key factor which drive your open rates. In this guide we discuss various ways in which you can write catchy cold email subject lines to get open rates higher than 70%.

Email deliverability guide with best practices for B2B companies

This article discusses the factors affecting email deliverability and the best practices to follow for B2B companies.

A guide to cold email personalization at scale using OpenAI

Boring emails are dead and will be sent to the trash can. Using generative AI you can increase open and reply rates. Learn how to use OpenAI to automate personalization.